Elementor #21

Ingredients expertise

A. OMEGA LIPIDS (omega 3,6,7,9)

Omega Phospholipids & Triglycerides & Ethyl esters (DHA/EPA/ARA…)

  • Ovo Egg, Krill, Herring caviar, Micro algae
  • Fish oils (several types of concentrations DHA/EPA)
  • Micro algae oils (several types of concentrations DHA/EPA)

Omega Lipid Mixtures & Supplements

  • Mixtures of TG & Phospholipids (Fish, Micro algae, egg, krill)
  • Oils with different concentrations DHA/EPA/ALA/ARA


  • Supplement DHA/EPA/ALA/ARA concepts (vegan-fish-algae-ovo)

Omega Lipid from Plant sources

Flax, chia, perilla, sacha inchi etc.


Nutraceutical Plant extracts

  • Natural anti oxidants of spices, herbs, fruits,…

Plant derived Sweeteners & Ingredients for Flavour – Taste & Health

  • Ingredients and the know-how of development of seasonings and flavour systems
  • Stevia, Monk fruit, Sweet tea leaf
  • Natural extracts of herbs and spices for taste and health

Algae derived nutraceutical ingredients

Natural antioxidants: Astaxanthin, Phycocyanin, Zeaxanthin, Carotenoids (Carotenes, Xanthophyll, Lutein)

Plant derived proteins

chia, flax seed, pea, pumpkin, sunflower, etc.


Tailor made blends

  • Zero calorie sweeteners blends (stevia, monkfruit)
  • Omega 3 oil blends (DHA, EPA) in several forms and from different sources