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Vegan Omega-3 from algae
Omega-3 DHA and EPA
Sweetness solutions
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Wbio nutrition is provider of ingredients for food, nutrition and supplement industries.
Leveraging our ingredients expertise – together with our customers – we find ingredients solutions that work.

Our R&D and application technologists network create novel food concepts with ingredients of our expertise:
Omega-3 lipids, novel sweeteners, novel proteins and some other specialty ingredients.


Health organizations worldwide recommend higher intake of omega-3 lipids.
We offer a range of products and ingredients with omega-3 lipids ( ALA, EPA and DHA) for many applications.

• Plant omega-3 (ALA)
– chia oil
– flax oil

•Marine omega-3 (EPA and DHA)
– natural marine oils (tuna, salmon, cod, krill and other)
– concentrated marine oils up to 70% EPA/DHA

• Vegetarian omega-3 (EPA and DHA)
– algae DHA
– algae EPA

• Omega-3 in capsules and powders


Sugar reduction and low calorie development of foods & beverages is an important trend.
We offer ingredients and natural sweeteners solutions  for innovations.

• Natural Monk Fruit  
– juices
– extracts

• Stevia 
– natural steviol glycosides
– enzyme modified steviol glycosides
– water extracted stevia

patented sweetener compounds for sugar reduction and sugar replacement.

• Thaumatin and Sweet Tea Leaf

• Sweetness bends with erythritol / tagatose / trehalose / sucralose neotame and natural flavour enhancers.

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The plant protein market is growing and new soures of protein and fiber provide nutritional and technological opportunities.
We offer two new sources of protein and fiber:

• Chia 
– chia powder rich in protein
– chia powder rich in fiber

• Flax
– partially defatted linseed flour